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  • Dear Hanh and Robbie


    I wanted to write to express my delight in, and appreciation for, the classes you provide. My son has been attending for a couple of terms now and the improvement in his skills and confidence with maths is fantastic to see. Just as importantly, he is really enjoying himself.

    The way you run the classes are so vibrant, fun and caring. I can see you have put a lot of thought into keeping the children motivated and engaged. The result is a class of children who are working contently while they learn so much. The skills you are providing are going to be extremely valuable and useful every day to my son and I know he will have good memories of his time in your classes.

    Thank you both for your attention to every child in the class, for being so kind, fun and approachable and for providing such a fabulous curriculum.

    I could not be more satisfied and happy.

    Warm regards,

    Lee Atalla
  • "I have to say your abacus class helped Suri a lot to improve her ability in Maths.
    The reason I sent Suri to your class was she has very little
    sense with calculation when she was in Year 1.

    You and Robbie have done a fantastic job that Suri's mathematics score improved from C to B in 3 terms.

    And even better, Suri shows her interest in Maths now. She really enjoys calculating when she does shopping or any chance she can use her calculation skill.
    I would recommend your class to my friends and Suri's classmates, actually I already did so.

    Thank you both again for your great effort to help our kids.”

    Cindy Wang
  • "My daughter is not a fan of numbers but with this class she really is able to approach maths without fear. Hanh and Robbie are very sweet with the kids and make it fun for them mixing hard work with fun maths activities
    Very caring and easy going teachers!"

    Viviana Ciruelos
  • "We thank EurekaMind for making learning maths interesting for our daughter Stephanie. Within a short period of time, we've noticed a great improvement in her maths skills. We believe Eurekamind has a right approach in teaching children maths. Keep up the good work, Hanh and Robbie!"

    Kenny and Sally
  • "We are delighted at the progress our 6 year old son (Timothy) has made since commencing the Abacus Classes. He has gone from having a rudimentary understanding of numeracy to being able to complete some sophisticated arithmetic sums.

    More importantly, he is extremely engaged with the learning process and has developed a much better understanding of numbers and their meaning.

    We have observed that some other numeracy programs rely on rote learning but in our experience it is much more important for a child to be able to conceptualise the meaning of numbers. Using an abacus has helped our son to do just that."

  • "Thank you for being a great and fun teacher, my daughter seems to really enjoy in your class. I specially appreciate that you cared enough to notice how she felt during the class and talked to her. Your tutoring has made her confidence and keeps looking forward to the class.
    Thank you once again for being a caring and fun teacher."

    Ms Lee
  • "Eurekamind is an excellent choice to learn abacus with fantastic teachers.In just a few months my son has impressed our friends and family with his rapid and accurate mental maths and loves this class.
    All thanks to EurekaMind and their fun learning methods !!"

    Amruta Bidwai
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