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EurekaMind began when Hanh and Robbie were looking for a new and innovative way to show how fun Maths can be for their daughter. It became apparent that an ancient tool like the Soroban Abacus is very effective if taught in the right way.
The abacus classes started out on their dining table with only their two children as students. Soon their neighbour’s children and school friends joined in.

It constantly amazes parents how much their children enjoy the use of the Abacus to help them to understand numbers.
In a short time the dining table became too small and the first centre was opened at MC Square in Doncaster.

It is Hanh’s passion for teaching the abacus to children and adults alike which makes EurekaMind stand out from the rest.

It is Robbie’s experience as a high school maths teacher and his insights into what motivates children to learn which makes EurekaMind highly regarded and referred by parents.

EurekaMind’s ultimate goal is to help build children’s confidence in numbers whilst having fun and for them to embrace every accomplishment they have achieved.

Through EurekaMind’s teaching method children are encouraged to be focussed with their work and to create an excellent attitude to doing extra work at home.

With increased concentration levels and simple techniques more and more children are now able to quickly solve math problems in their minds.

Our Credentials
Hanh Truong
Accredited ABACUS teacher
CMA Accreditation

Robbie Gedge
BMath, DipEd,
VCE Maths Teacher for 15 years

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